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7/15/2013 20:37:29
by AceB

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Art Keller Marina keeps family at bay

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On  march 23 2011 I and my wife and kids arrived at the port of Quincy Il via a 42 ft houseboat.The port side engine was down and the onan generator was down as well. The Art Keller  Marina was not open for the season yet but I had to find some warm shelter for myself and my family so I parked my boat at yhe fuel dock with the help of a john boater.I then went and rented a hotel room so that I and my family could get warm.The next day my wife was at the boat working on some things inside and a Quincy Park Ranger confronted my wife and told her that we would have to move the boat immediatly. My wife Informed the ranger of the problems that we were having with the generator and yhe generator.The ranger called his boss Vicky,  and she said the same thing. With the help of another john boater We limped our boat out of the marina and tied up to one of thier public docks. Again that same ranger met my wife at that dock and informed her that we could not park there either.At this time My wife called the office at quincy park district annd made a complaint about this ranger. I made them very well aware that they were breaking a maritime law. Maritme law states that I can park my boat  in a safe haven for proper repairs or until proper repairs can be made. In the next coupleOf days Vicky and this ranger harassed my wife and I about being tied up to this public dock.Finally my wife talked to the Quincy Boat Club and they let us tie my boat up to thier private dock and shore power because my generator was down and the impeller on the port side engine sea pump was also broken. My wife, four kids and I stayed there for almost a week until I received the parts from ebay.A few weeks later the marina opened and I went in to ask about renting a slip. I told them the answers to every question they asked includibg the question DO U LIVE ON UR BOAT. Yes was my answer. They immediatly called Vicky and she said they don't have the resources to accomidate live aboards. I responded that I didn't need anyting. I have a generayor. I have everything I need on that boat including a sanitary system for waste and a holding tank. Refridgerator. Stove oven. Shower. A double osmosis system. She Then responded eith WE JUST DONT NEED RIFF RAFF IN THIS MARINAWe then headed to the upper bay were no one could see us and we were left alone for a while.On  Thursday  7/4/2013 my wifes grandmother passed away. I wasn't going to leave my boat in the river unattended for the full day. So I went into the Marina to c about leaving my boat there for as day. They charged me 100 dollars for 2 days. On the day I was do to pull my Boat out of the marina the marina fuel dock person confronted me about a less expenssive rate. I then informed that person that I have to be back in burlington ia the second week of August so I will not pay for a slip for a full year. I was informed by vicky that this is how they rent their slips. By the year ONLY. they qoated me a price of 1750.00 at first. Of course I wasn't payibg that for the remainder of 2 weeks that I would be in quincy. Il. They then shot me a price of 1000.00 for two weeks. I told them absolutly not. They then told me 800.00 for two weeks. Well I'm not paying even 800 for two weeks.When I emailed Vicky she only said IM SORRY OUR RATES ARE TO EXPENSIVE FOR YOU.


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