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1/25/2007 18:05:55
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WeN2K Seeking Photographers & Reps. Worldwide (Awesome Job)!!!

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This Could Be Your Best Job EVER!!

WeNeed2Know.com (Fee2See.com) is seeking mobile representatives and photographers to collect information and/or take digital photos of local businesses/clients/news events!

Job Description:

Your job is very simple. You will go to local businesses/client locations and take up to 5 photos of their business/service. You will have the business owner/proprietor fill out a simple form about their business/service. You will turn in the form/s so that the businesses/clients can be added to our growing list of online businesses/services.

That's it! You have NEVER made an easier, more fun income!

Your Compensation:

You will receive $15.00 for each client you go to photograph/register!

You will receive 99 apiece for upto 4 of your Photos (1 is Free for the client)!

You will receive $1.00 for each client that orders a ".com" for their

Your Income Potential:

The sky is the limit!! If you work part time and only register 5 businesses/clients a day you will earn up to $500.00 per week (more if you work weekends)!! Work full time (registering up to 10 businesses per day) and earn $1000.00 per week!!

It's totally up to you!!

And you don't have to register businesses only! You can also register:

* Models

* Actors

* Musicians/Spoken-Word Artists

* Individuals/Companies selling ANY product (Cars, Properties, etc.)

* Upcoming Events

* Clients Who have a Story or Cause...and want to "Expose It Online"!


** Clients will receive what we call a "Lifetime Post"! These are online pages that remain online within WeNeed2Know.com and our "What Do You Seek?" search engine FOREVER!! A "Lifetime Post" (because its URL NEVER changes) can also be turned into a ".com". These will become YOUR accounts for future pay/assignments/leads!

Contact us to get started ASAP! We provide you with everything you need (personalized business cards, flyers, order forms, etc.)! In some cases we will provide you with leads, but you will primarily be responsible for generating your own business by approaching businesses/clients in your area...leaving our advertisements with them. When they decide to register - you will go back to their location to fill the order!

Professional Photographers...Earn INCREDIBLE extra money from your existing and future clients...While at the same time boosting your business FOREVER!!! IF you don't have an online business...
WE will set you up for FREE!!!

***Earn UNLIMITED RESIDUAL INCOME With Our Fee2See Service!***

Contact us to find out how!

[email protected]

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