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9/22/2013 22:15:19
by LadyMadonnah

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Polaroid 3.5mm Metal Buds Built in mic~stereo - hands free use ~ PHP729

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Polaroid Metal Buds 3.5mm Jack Built in Mic Stereo MP3 Music Phones

One click:play/stop music

Double click:next song

Triple click: previous song.

Metal buds ,with built-in microphone, answer calls while listening to music.

Hands free,stereo,comfort fit

Calling mode answer/end calls.

Features not supported on all phones.3.5mm jack,music phones,mp3 player,stereo

UPC # 68007977209

I just bought these while I was out of town as I was going to hook up 'skype' - When I got home I asked my son to hook them up and he told me that they were not the right type for skype but instead were for certain types of cell phones and MP3 players, of which I have neither.

I dont plan on going back to the place I bought it any time soon, so decided to just sell them here on ebay to someone who knows what they are and how to use them. They are still sealed in the box they came in and have never been opened.

So I hope my shopping error will benefit somebody else, lol.. What I needed was a headset for a computer instead. I am not too saavy with electronics as you now know too.So just be sure you know what these are and how to use them :) I lowered the price because it will cost to ship as well.


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