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1/16/2007 21:23:21
by eblogger1

WeNeed2Know!Lifetime Post!

WeNeed2Know.com seeking contributing writers (Future Pay!*)

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Are you a journalist, reporter or simply "Someone In The Know"?

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WeNeed2Know.com (also ReportAStory.com) is constantly on the lookout
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What's so great is that your articles, news stories or anything you want to share...will stay online within WeNeed2Know.com's database...and will always be accessible
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That's right! WeNeed2Know.com (in addition to being ReportAstory.com) is also EarthsDiary.com!

Our goal is to make WeNeed2Know.com the diary for the world well into the future!

"Your submission" (if not time sensitive) becomes what we call a "Lifetime Ad" (lifetimead.com)...and this isn't simply a catchy name! We call a submission on WeNeed2Know.com a "Lifetime Ad" because it, again, stays online
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