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2/27/2007 20:10:59
by Herbert

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Censorship Update of www.politico.com

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I am still upset that www.politico.com feels I am stupid enough to sit back and watch them censor and refuse American Opinions. I am still highly pleased that www.wen2k.com gives the space/time and commpassion to allow people to speak their thoughts and express themselves within the American Constitution. www.politico.com is only there to do "DAMAGE CONTROL" for the 110th Dictaorship!!! I hope that the www.wen2k.com site is available when I move to another Country. This rubble of an America that is Tainted by the Dictatorship of Washington makes me sick to be a paticipant in the dimise of the American Soldier. They gave and give their lives for "PUTSCH DICTATORS" in Washington. I am expected to say thanks with respect towards the "Trigger Happy Dictators, in Congress"? No thanks, to the American Soldier, thanks and I will see you again in the place of waiting as Christian. I do respect you and yours. Thanks again Herbert West III, P.O.W.!!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]


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