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3/2/2007 23:02:34
by eblogger1

WeNeed2Know!Lifetime Post!

To Mr. Herbert West III and other valued WeN2K members...our promise to you!

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Mr. West et al.:

We want you to know that wherever in the world and universe you do not have a home...you WILL always have a home with us! WeNeed2Know.com was created for individuals like you who will prove to be its driving force...a force we will nurture and encourage no matter how big we become or small we remain! We are fully aware that this would not be the case unless you were completely confident that your views will/would always be respected and accessible to the world - here!

As many of you may know - we abhor censorship! It just sucks! We have 2 rules that will, of course, need to expand and augment as there are those who may always limit test:

1. No Porn

2. No Hate

It will continually be more and more difficult to monitor submissions on WeN2K as we continually grow...but what worth would we be (or ANY website be) if we/it didn't allow our/its users, members and posters the power to express their views the way THEY see fit...not WE see fit? We are simply the medium...the continually expanding petri dish for the creation to grow and thrive...for all the world to learn from and benefit however they may manifest that mental nourishment/enlightenment via your post/s.
Isn't that what it's all about? Growing. Learning. Expanding! Throw some accepting and forgiving in there and we might make it...REALLY make it! Not a virus as suggested by the machines in the 'Matrix'...but decent, worthy beings of the universe!

We will not allow porn on this site because we want our limitless youths...and respected/respectable elders to feel comfortable coming here...not to mention the fact that (in/with porn) someone is usually being disrespected (whether they know/realize it or not)...and that really isn't cool because even though a person being used and/or abused may not have any respect for themselves or their body - they, almost certainly, have a Mother, Father, little sister or brother or Grandparent somewhere. They will be respected! Too much karma for you?

We will not allow hatred (primarily racial and/or religious, etc.) because we want people of ALL backgrounds, races and religions to feel like they have a voice and a place on WeN2K.com. Who are we, I, you or anyone else to define anyone's God? I simply ask that you respect my religion (or lack thereof) and my God as I will yours. Your God may be a twig in your back yard. Fine...I will respect your belief though I may think it is crazy. But as my God may be different from yours, and equally crazy to you...I want to be respected as you (all) do. We deserve this as citizens of the world/universe/multiverse (ok I'll stop).

To Mr. West and our many other valued members, you will ALWAYS have a home with us because
you ARE WeN2K.com...and we will NEVER forget that!

Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!



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