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3/8/2007 18:25:33
by nona

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My old Job

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MY old job is not only racist but sexist. The owner of this store in Pine Bluff Arkansas with the store located in the shopping square by supercenter that is a agent operated cingular store fired me because of compliant filed with the EEOC but covered it up by saying I had customer complaints and most of those complaints were made up and then they tried to hinder my unemployment and other benefits that I applied for. What made me file my complaint was when our manager just quit with no warning and the fact that they made this guy a manager and not me when I was there longer and knew more than him. See when the big wig himself comes to visit the store he takes the manager out to eat the smoke and drink and talk business. the manager gets perks ( that's the good part of being a manager) but the point is when he quit I kept the store up and asked for the position but they waited on the guy to return and let him get his job back with no recourse just start over for his raise when they wouldn't give me one. To make matters worse the manager had special ways to keep a customer and I had no power to keep my customers like special discounts with manager's approval and thing of that nature. Manager's are to be for the business not themselves, they look good when the store is doing great but you would think that they would look selfish wehn it is just them looking good and not the store. Anyways to prove that I'm wrong they hired another African american and he has had more complaints than ANYONE including attempting to steal customers identities when a credit check is performed. And to let you know that you reap what you so the backhanded manager that they rehired and what no was fired shortly after. hahahahaha


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