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3/8/2007 18:47:05
by nona

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no refund no exchange but no actual sale??

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lover's fantasy in pine bluff arkansas. I ordered an item and they told me 3 to 5 business days . i realized that I left without a receipt so I went back and the employee was speaking to the owner of the store. The owner told her to tell me that my item wouldn't be in till next thursday. well here it is wednesday and according to my calculations 3 to 5 business days would make it here tuesday not that thursday. the owner talked to me over the phone and began to tell me how she pays for shipping after i mentioned that I could go to little rock and get the item cheaper or at least faster than next thursday. she then let me know that i couldn't get a refund and that she wouldn't place the order till the next mornng because she wanted to save money on shipping. I told her that i can do the math and understand that it take 48hrs to pull the item then ship it but that wasn't my concern. if you tell me 3 to 5 business days then that is that. i told the owner I would never come to her store again ( pine bluff arkansas jefferson square off of olive st.) she said that was fine. but does the sale count if she didn't place the order till the next morning and wont stand by her 3 to 5 business day delivery?? she even calls me the next day and she asks me when do i want my item again and i tell the same thing i want by friday and expect no later than tuesday but whenever it comes i am done with your business. she lets me know she reallly doesnt know we=hen it will come in and did i forget to mention that she calls the next day at 4 pm when she told me the day before she will place the oder first thing in the morning? now she wants to know what do i want to do. i told her i want my refund but you told me no can i get a refund now? she said no so i repeated myself. whenever my item comes in since it is fully paid for i will pick it up and be done with your business. now business peple we know that when an order is placed the computer ( if you keep good inventory) will tell you how many, what color, size whatever is available so why does it take 48 hrs to pull an item? bvack order maybe but to pull aqn item in stock and ship it out the next day is more understanding . I think she is dealing with several people and that is why it takes so long. did i mention that to overnite the item is 45.00 ( dont forget it takes 48hrs to pull the item too) hahahahaha


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