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3/9/2007 12:21:00
by smartblnde

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PRICELINE switches location without consent

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I went to priceline to book a room in a specific part of town (northeast). I wanted a 3 star hotel, but none was returned as accepting my offer. I then switched to a 2 1/2 star, same location (NE part of town). I was accepted! yippee! BUT! The location had been switched, and not by me. The new location was 11 miles from where I wanted to be. I contacted priceline about it, and they said I switched the star rating, and the computer switched the area.

Priceline rep also said, "TOUGH BOOGS!" I am now stuck with a room in a fine hotel, but NOT anywhere NEAR where I requested. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN BOOKING WITH PRICELINE, OR BETTER YET, DON'T!

Attached is a copy of the email from Priceline:

Thank you for taking the time to send us an e-mail. We understand that
you received the hotel for your stay in Cincinnati North at Amerisuites
Cincinnati Forest Park but you selected the area northeast as you did
switch from 3 star to 2 1/2 star, but the computer switched the
a well.

When you placed your request, you selected a specific shaded area
(Cincinnati North) in which you wanted to stay. The hotel you received
is in fact in the shaded area of the map you saw on our web site. We
apologize if you are not satisfied with the location of the hotel
your chosen zone.

When we find a travel partner willing to accept your request, we
immediately book the reservation in order to secure your low rate. Our
travel partners provide deeply discounted rates because the
are restricted, which means they cannot be changed, cancelled or

For future reference, your concern has been documented. To better
understand our policies, please visit our Help section for answers to
the most Frequently Asked Questions:

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope this information is helpful
to you.


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