Quantcast WeN2K.com/SNITCH Newsletter for March 13 2007, from Founder/Publisher Herbert West III.

3/13/2007 09:34:49
by Herbert

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SNITCH Newsletter for March 13 2007, from Founder/Publisher Herbert West III.

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I will be as tactful as I can because I want my opinion to get heard. I have witnessed Adults, by age, "Try" to and "Accomplish" giving Alcohol and other Age restricted/controlled stuff to kids {by age}. I could go into all the details and tell you all the stuff that is considered mainstream ideology and/or common sense. The problem is that this includes a common discussion between kids and adults. This in theory allows the adults to keep "Adult" conversations with "Kids". So I approach the idea with the truth. I want all the kids to look at the Motives and Intentions of these adults, by age. Do your parents do nothing but participate in these so-called things the suppliers approach you with?? Do your parents do nothing but get drunk and sleep with each-other non-stop as Adults? Is this how your parents approach adulthood?? If so, when you look at other kids and parents do they all do this? Are you given adult items, Beer, Cigarettes etc:.. for doing mature things like cleaning your room or being home on time like a Mature "Young Adult"? These people who give you these items are lying to you. They are using you for things that are wrong. The fault is the age to age ratio. Give yourself a chance. Refuse the age controlled items. If they truly care about you they would not need to confuse you with these items. These items are addictive and they alter the mind process. They are age controlled do to allot of Government Medical Research and it has shown that these items can alter the Maturing or Growth Process. Again, the point to remember. Look around you in stores, and your areas. Do you see all Adults by age stumbling and touching each-other in a Drunken Stupor all the time?? Use you entire "MIND BODY and SOUL". Listen and utilize First Lady Nancy Reagan's heartfelt statement, "JUST SAY NO"!!!! Stay safe and discuss this letter with a DARE Officer, a Police Officer, your PTA, madd.com, sadd.com, your families, your churches, your Doctor/Nurse and/or your School Counselor. Peace, Herbert West III Founder/Publisher of "S"ituations, "N"eeding, "I"nsightful, "T"atcful, "C"aring, "H"elp. 803 S. East Street, Paola Ks 66071 [email protected]


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