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3/14/2007 20:08:29
by eblogger1

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To sujan

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Hello Member "sujan":

We liked your film post much more than your photo post today (notwithstanding the Jessica Alba one...always a winner!). Perhaps you posted it accidentally, but we had to take the photo (for our members/readers: a mutilated organ to put it nicely) down - as it violates our policy of no explicit photos without explanation of (a) mainstream, news related pertinence. Linking to such prohibited content is also discouraged.

Being that we have members of all ages, we try to respect them all as much as we will respect you. Remember, your submission/s can last forever...as long as we exist and we are committed to doing this (facilitating the posting of highly unique content via uncensored lifetime submissions) FOREVER!
We couldn't offer the "Lifetime Post" if we weren't committed to that reality...having YOUR submission/s available to you, your friends, family, etc. 20 years from now! This (WeN2K) is, ultimately, an experiment of "human/humane" expression - a chronicle of our times. And our time is very precious as it becomes more and more uncertain.

Now your second post (#1350) was great! - who is this group? They are a very tight group and sound awesome. Great bass/vocals, guitar and drums. THIS is part of why WeN2K.com was started...so that people ANYWHERE could share/re/present their culture...revealing talented people worldwide!

To ALL people of the world who may read this - please share your local news, photos of your life, your feelings about your/any government, your music and art, etc., etc.! Now you can tell!

Young people (old enough to use these computers/PDAs, etc., etc.) - we welcome you! Please tell us what we (the older generation/s) need to do concerning your life and world - even if it is a view on how we should just stay out of your way (but why deny knowledge?).

Our elders of all backgrounds - we want you to come clean! Please tell us what we (the younger generation/s) are missing!! Share your legacy of truth! Leave your mark here...by revealing the great, extraordinary (or not so extraordinary) things that have happened in your life! Advise us! Tell Us All! Tell What REALLY Happened! Tell What You Know!

.....Your identity is the user name you choose...so there is no real reason not to share the deepest of truths with us all!

We NEED you!. It is never too late to share the truth! It is TRULY a sin to let a truth not VALIDATED as a truth simply die - especially if its revelation helps another/others.

Some say that some truths are better off dying! Why? Then truth becomes a myth...a fantasy of no real use to untold generations after you who could USE your knowledge!

Please share your knowledge and your wisdom and your life experience/s! Learning and knowledge (mental expansion) is constant and never-ending and does not discriminate against anyone other than those who hide their eyes, ears and minds! In many ways it is all we truly have to properly define us.

Thank you, Sujan, and all WeN2K members.



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