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4/8/2007 20:15:58
by Mackey

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Is Rudy Fruity???

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Allot of people think dressing up in drag is funny (ever watch Monty Python?), but I have NEVER seen anyone outside an actor or comedian or someone where it really didn't matter doing it. I have NEVER seen a politician doing it and I just wonder WHY Rudy did (more than once)? Just in case you haven't seen or heard about Rudy's "dress ups" I am certain that as the presidential election gets closer MANY will use it against him. Should they "drag" "America's Mayor" through the mud with this? I don't know? I do think he was over hyped during 9-11, but he DID do many things to clean up New York and organized crime. I think he's running on the strength of 9-11, but, aging, I don't think his role was as big as it has been hyped and MANY have lent a hand in fighting organized crime. So, considering everything and along with this drag stuff, I think Rudy will not make it. Maybe he'd do better if he got a sex change. I think America REALLY wants a woman president next.


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