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4/17/2007 16:56:22
by dayze

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Does anyone know anything about, or have any experience with these companies all the same company different names

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I signed up with Advanced Media Group the salesman was Adam Keys, and he said his next door neighbor in Arizona, and another guy from Kansas had gotten this idea to sell mortgage referral web pages.
Since his next door neighbor was a CASH BROKER. This cash broker represented over 250 Banks, and Mortgage companies. They had set up this system to sell web pages to people to refer their friends directly to the web pages and he would work the approval processes and then send you a referral fee.
This web page he was selling would be used to refer people that wanted low rate mortgages, even if they had bad credit, to a web page that I bought for $89.00 from them, and they would pay me $500.00 for each referral WHEN THE LOAN WAS APPROVED, I WOULD BE PAID ONCE A MONTH COLLECTIVELY.
When the package came it had a blue and yellow booklet, with a LITTLE writing on it...
saying the name of the company that approved the mortgages was LowRateApprovals.com, not the Advanced Media Group, that I originally purchased it from, and paperwork to sign for all of my social security, address, birthdate, etc.so they could report to the IRS when they paid me.
Sounds reasonable, but (if it is a scam, they have ALL MY ID DATA)

When I called back on the original phone number that the man Adam Keys had given me that he said was directly to him, another man answered, saying he had gone for the day. I left a message, no return, I called the next morning, same other guy answers and says Adam is busy with another person on the phone, so I ask him my questions. He says it is for Customer service to handle that answer and gives me another number. I call that and a message machine comes on. I leave my message.
Again over 2 days I leave 5 messages, finally someone calls me back and I find out it is still not customer service, but another sales lady to sell me a package for the internet. The cost is from $1,000 to $50,000 whatever I want to buy the number of search engines for?
I ask her the questions for Real Estate Loans that realtor friends of mine are asking me, but she says...that is Customer service and refers me to that number...
I said, I thought you were the customer service that WAS CALLING me back, and she said she is in sales...
I again try to contact customer service, again a message machine.
I go to the web page they have set up for me...and the phone number on there I call, and a Spanish lady saying something about something or other Mortgages has a recording that she will call me back.
I leave a message to call me.
Again I call customer service over 3 days several times, always a recording, at some point a man calls,
but says, oh that is for customer service and gives me the same phone number.
finally a spanish speaking lady calls me and wants to know what I need since I had left a message...5-6 days after I have gotten my original package through the mail (7days to get package after you have bought it through the mail)
when I start asking her real estate questions, she hems and haws, and finally says...I am new here, and I don't know those answers, and I will have to have my superior call you in CUSTOMER SERVICE.
It is interesting that it seems to be her voice on the answering machine recording.
that was last thursday April 12, 07, and now it is late tuesday April 17,07, and no phone call as yet...

I checked the Better Business Bureau of Arizona, and they HAD NO LISTING OF LOW RATE APPROVALS.COM AT ALL....
I then checked with the State Attorney General of Arizona where they say they are out of,
and they say, Academy Mortgage Crop ...(corporate office) in Salt Lake City, Utah
and their Primary company Northstar Financial Group of Mesa, Arizona are registered in Arizona, but their company LowRateApprovals.com is not registered with them AND THEY HAD APPLIED BUT WITHDREW their application.
I have bought advertising on search engines and put it on over 500 search engines under my web page address that goes directly to them...
I need to know if any of you know of these companies...if you have had experience with them, if they are a legitimate company that is so busy that they cannot return phone calls.
If they are legitimate.......they need help...
If they are scam artist......they need to be shut down..in all states...

Oh by the way......the Registration department of that state says that to approve mortgages in ANY STATE LIKE THEY CLAIM, THEY HAVE TO BE REGISTERED THERE, AND THEY ARE ...NOT REGISTERED...IN TEXAS...


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