Quantcast WeN2K.com/TellTheYouth.Com........................Tell What Happened!! Tell What REALLY Happened!! They Need 2 Know!!

12/3/2005 14:47:50
by eblogger1

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TellTheYouth.Com........................Tell What Happened!! Tell What REALLY Happened!! They Need 2 Know!!

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Why "Tell The Youth" anything? Can they grasp it? Can they even handle the truth? Though the kids are a bit different today than when you may have grown up...are they really that different from you when you were young? Do they have any less a desire to "Know What's Happening"?

And in these times of all...don't they deserve to know??

"Now You Can Tell"!

In every society the elders are expected to pass down the knowledge to the youth. With the advent of capturable images and film...we now have the ability to store knowledge...allowing us to "show something" or even "show what happened". Wise shamen and village elders used to paint the picture...now celluloid and 1s and 0s do the work. To discuss what is missing here would take all day and night, but something even worse has developed as a result of our technological/information age...the suppression of information...KNOWN information (by somebody out there) of significant importance that someone has/had decided to keep from society. Older generation...Now You Can Tell...Tell the Youth! Show The Youth! Show Us All!

Were you there...or do you know something the rest of the world would want to know??

"Tell What You Saw"! "Tell What You Know"!

Allow your knowledge to mean something! Isn't that better than rendering it a non-event or non-issue that will eventually and unfortunately only die with you? Something that MAY or may not have happened?? Tell Us All! Allow the/a future generation (perhaps even your offspring/descendants ) to learn from what fate allowed you to be a part of...

"Show Us All!"! "Tell Us All!"! "Show What Happened"! "Tell What Happened"! "Tell What REALLY Happened!"! "Show Something real"! "Tell Something True"!

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Show/Tell Something To The Younger Generation and Everyone Else!

Photo To Show?/Film To Show?

Share Your "Greatest Experience"!


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