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6/22/2008 22:40:04
by joe4sheriff

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The same ol Mr. West

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Mr. West, did I touch a nerve with my last post? When you have someone that calls you out on something, you continue to call them names. Now I am, according to you, a bigot. What's next, with you. You would think a potential sheriff would have more decorum than you do. Like everyone has said, if they don't agree with you, that are conspiring against you. What are you going to do when the County Commissioners refuse to give you a larger budget, refuse to let you do some of the things you intend on doing. Are you going to call them Bigots, or other names you have said about people?
You may want to know, that I am not going to run a campaign with such vulgarity and ridiculous rants and stories you have spilled all over this website. I would like to tell you that I know much more about your past than what you have told the voting public. And I mean a lot more. I will let you decide how truthfull you will be with the citizens who's vote you would like to have on August 5th. I may or may not win. However, whoever does win the repulican nod, will have no problem beating you sir.
As for the slavery issue Mr. West, it's no point repeating this issue. I know what I can and cannot do. But you believe you know everything about the law. I was not an EMT and will not make believe I was. But you argue with Pally about what type of training you will have to go through. KPOA is just an information group. KLETC is the place you will have to go. Sorry, but you did not call anyone. You looked up a site, found a name and in your mind, believe you talked to him. If you want to gain respect, even from the ones you dis-agree with, stop your profanity and name calling.


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