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12/16/2005 21:34:47
by Sondra B

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The Savvy Consumer - Tip Number 1

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Do you pay the first price offered you for items you're interested in purchasing? In many foreign countries you can discuss the displayed or "given" price for your desired purchase and get a much lower price than the one originally offered you - it's called haggling. Well, there's a way to accomplish the very same thing in the good ole U.S. of A. It's called online comparison shopping. There is rarely an item these days that is available in the stores that you can not find online - and usually cheaper than the price being offered at your favorite retail store. So, when your local store is asking what seems like a very high price for an item that you are interested in - ask them if they match other retailers prices. If they do - let them know what the best price you can find online is and see if they will match it. If not - consider doing your shopping online instead.

For instance, I was just pricing contact lenses with Sears after having my eyes examined in their store. When I spoke with them later on the phone, they gave me a price for the lenses, if I ordered it though them, and I quickly realized that I had seen the prices far lower online and I told them so. They revealed that they would match their own online store's price and the price of some other retailers as well if I brought in a copy of the advertisement showing where the lenses were being sold cheaper. The price of other retailers online (even their own online store) was half of what they had quoted me for ordering with them over the phone.

A word to the wise... stop paying the first price offered you in this new worldwide marketplace. With the advent of the internet - it's very consumer savvy to shop your best price online. Saving over $60 on my $120 contact lens order is really worth the effort of doing a few online searches in my estimation... wouldn't you agree? With a little effort you too will be saving money on your most needed (or often just desired) purchases and your checking account will absolutely be thanking you.


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