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6/25/2008 22:33:05
by joe4sheriff

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another post from West on my website

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Mr. West recently left another comment on my website. I feel everyone should know what is writing. He writes: I find it odd that Springhill Kansas is allowed to claim any of Miami County, under Enforcement Jurisdiction. Look at K.S.A. 21-2909. It states the Sheriff needs a contract with a Municipality to Enforce Municipal Law/Codes. Odd, Spring Hill uses Denny or Kelly for Sheriff?? Springhill is in which Jurisdiction by District for Municipal Appeals? 6th for Miami or 10th for Johnson? I find it odd that your wife, as a Spring Hill Cop, is allowed to Enforce Spring Hill Municipal Laws in Miami County. Any Appeals on any Tickets are, again filed where? I will be looking into this and I am not pleased that Miami County is loosing out on alot of tax revenue. Herbert West III, Candidate for Sheriff, Miami County Nov 2008. [email protected]

Mr. West, your wright. The sheriff does need to a contract to enforce municiple laws. However, Spring hill can enforce Federal, State and Local laws as long as the crime was done in the city limits. Local laws mean city ordinances. A deputy can enforce Federal and State Laws anywhere in the county. This means a deputy can enforce misdemeanors such as battery and DUI's even when the crime was in Paola, Osawatomie or Spring Hill. But he can not enforce a city ordinance such as loud music or excessive weeds growing in a yard.

As where would a person appeal a case. It would depend on what county heard the case. There are several cities in this county were their city limits span across two counties. When someone is arrested for a misdemeanor in spring hill, they are tried in their city court. However, if someone is arrested for a Felony, they are tried by the county court where the crime occured.

Your trying to make an argument about something that is perfectly legal. If this was illegal, wouldn't you think that the judges, criminal defense lawyers and the Attorney General would have stepped in a long time ago.


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