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6/29/2008 09:30:50
by eblogger1

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Important Message From WeN2K
To Our Users & Members

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Just a couple of points to our members...new, future and old:

1. If you try to assume the identity of another WeNeed2Know.com member (e.g. try to assume their user name and misrepresent yourself as another WeN2K.com member) - your account will be IMMEDIATELY deleted upon discovery.

If you choose a similar user name this may be allowed IF you do not try to misrepresent yourself as a prior member. We suggest (to prevent ANY confusion or chancing the deletion of your membership) that you ALWAYS choose a unique user name and that you NEVER try to misrepresent yourself as any other one of our valued members.

***Also - using a non-existent email address will only prevent you from being able to retrieve a lost password or from benefiting from our future residual income features we are developing for our members.

We at administration allow a lot to fly with our members being that we strongly do not believe in censorship (beyond any hate related or pornographic content), but, at the same time, we very much value our members and WILL NOT allow them (ANY of you) to be misrepresented when we can catch or detect it.

2. It has been suggested that we alter posts. We do not. What users/members need to realize is that we do allow HTML content. This allows you to leave links to your various pages (though you CANNOT link to any pornographic or hate related pages in a non-newsworthy manner) and other cosmetic attributes you may choose to add to your posts (e.g. green letters...or big letters or bold words or letters or italicized words, etc.). To learn how to use HTML we suggest you do a search on the Internet.

***If you are not knowledgeable of/in HTML and you use various symbols that are HTML symbols - they can/will alter - or even cause your text to not appear.

We reserve the right to delete submissions with bad/faulty HTML but, again, we try NOT to delete your posts as much as possible because we value your membership and respect your desire to express yourselves.

PLEASE do not think that we don't monitor posts VERY carefully! And though some posts have bordered on hate related, it is our general practice NOT to accept or condone Ad hominem attacks. BUT if a post is newsworthy or directed towards a newsworthy or public subject, event or person (that is in the public domain through their own or other events/causes) - then these posts will be allowed to remain.

As you may have noticed, we allow our members to say exactly what they want to say and how they want to say it. Strong language and/or cursing, though it may not be to administration's or other members' taste, is nonetheless allowed. We just ask our member to PLEASE be fair and relevant with ANY posts you make on WeN2K. After all - maintaining this website isn't free. Meaning every post that is made is stored within our database - which will cost more and more to maintain as time passes. This is what we hope will make WeNeed2Know.com a standout site in years to come...and we hope YOUR posts (past and future) will stand out as well.

Finally, PLEASE remember that we, again, very much value our members. Please value us as well. There aren't too many websites that will:

A. Allow you to say whatever you want and upload photos, files, etc.
B. Allow your posts to remain online until YOU decide to take them down.
C. Allow you to link to your various businesses, interests, etc.
D. Allow you to (through our upcoming features and services) generate residual income with your posts.
E. Allow the world to see your posts without joining WeNeed2Know.com

In fact, the combination of services and features we currently and will soon offer will not be matched ANYWHERE online because most websites don't really value their members at all. You will see that WeN2K.com is very different...as we know you all are.

Thank you so very much for your membership and please always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at [email protected]. We will respond to any of your requests, questions or inquiries as soon as possible.


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