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6/29/2008 10:02:56
by Pally

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Looks like wen2k is tired of you too

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Mr. West, it looks like your continued ranting and swearing on this website isn't appreciated. Isn't that what we've been telling you all along. Your continued unprofessionalism is getting really old.

Is there any law enforcement agency that is not out to get you? Not falsifying anything to suit there own agenda? Anyone who is not trying to conspire against you? Name one.

I commend Rogers for trying to make you see the light. Quite frankley, I'm surprised that no other candidate has been on here, trying to make you listen to reason. I do not think Rogers was unprofessional the entire time he was posting his opinions. My question to the other candidates are-If you continue to sit back and not confront the people with different opinions and lies- will it just go away, or fester into Herbert? I think Kelly has done that long enough. Is Mitzner going to do the same thing? We cannot have someone in office who thinks that the supposide nut jobs, posse comitatus, and other "weirdos" that are going to sit back and compromise the integrity of a public office.

Rogers-it is nice to see someone that has a pair and will stand up for themself. I know who I will vote for in August.


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