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6/29/2008 10:45:18
by Pally

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Wrong again Mr. West (big surprise)

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Neither Rogers or Mitzner would have to go to the police academy again. Only if they have been completely out of the profession for 5 years which I don't think that they have. Once again, if you had done your homework you would know that. And please, for the love of God don't say you called this person or that-because we know you didn't.

By the way, if you would of taken the time to read the paper-I believe Rogers said that he attended a police academy in Missouri about 10 years ago. When he started working for a police department in Kansas, he would of attended a week resprocity course (which I'm sure he did) because they department he worked for would of been in trouble for not sending him. Also, from what I heard Rogers was with Paola for almost 5 years-so where are you getting he was only there for a year crap?

Once again Herbert-do your homework before posting crap you have no idea about.


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