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7/10/2008 18:27:46
by Miami co citizen

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Herb needs some schoolin'

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I find myself wondering how ANYONE can lend any credence to you as a candidate. Do you have ANY idea just what the duties of the sheriff intail? Here's a little government refresher course, since you obviously slept through that class in high school. The sheriff is responsibe for the ENFORCEMENT of laws and the protection of the county's citizens. Annexation is a function of city and county government. Perhaps you should run for county commissioner and city council. It seems to me that you are not looking to be sheriff, but more like KING of Miami county! As usual, you're troubled little mind has wandered off alone and gotten lost. On another note, you stated that you are funding your campain with your disability checks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the State of Kansas grant you those funds because you are not able to support yourself? If you have enough left over to fund your entire campain, perhaps the disability system was way too generous with OUR money. Also, if, as you say, you are capable of performing a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding job like Sheriff of the county, then surely you could handle a job like door greeter at Wal-Mart, and quit STEALING the State's money, since you must not be THAT disabled. Perhaps the State should re- assess your claim. Just want to mke sure that everyone else is breaking the law and not you! Maybe we should ask the Attorny General about this, since you find it necessary to bother them abouut everythng else!


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