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7/26/2008 21:04:14
by Herbert

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More recipes. Herbert West 3rd.

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I have alot of recipes listed throughout this web-page. Here are somemore:..
1. 2 cups all-purpose flour, 3 tablespoons shortening, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/4 cup water. You can substitute #2 listed below to tatse and texture. You can also add eggs or egg whites. Mix these ingredients and roll them out.
2. You can grind dry instant rice thru a coffee grinder. This makes rice flour. This can be used to make dumpling dough. This dough can be pulled and dropped in rapid boiling broth/water. It can be rolled out and cut into squares or long egg noodles. It can be cut with a pizza cutter into spagetti strips. It can also be used to make raviolis. You can stuff and poach them. Then you can tosst them. They can be stuffed with fruit also. You can mix the rice flour with wheat flour, whole wheat or bleached.
3. Mix and roll out some dough for pies. Roll out different types and flavors. Cut them into long flat noodle type strips. Use these different flavored doughs to latice eachother like in a, dutch apple pie top. You can also make spice flavored doughs. Garlic, butter oregano, onion, sesame, etc:.. You can then latice or weave these into eachother. These can then be paoched or baked to make a crust. They can be used for flips, dumplings, turn-overs, pot-pies etc:..
4. Whip olive oil and vegatable oil together with whorstershire sauce. Do this in a metal pan bowl over a bowl of ice. Then fold in spices to taste. Place this thick marinade under you chicken skins. Then get the chicken refridgerator cold. Bake this covered in a pan that will barely hold all the chicken. Bake this, then let cool. Use this for pulled chicken recipes. It can be completely de-boned and the meat and skin can be used in a variety of recipes. Sandwiches, pasta sauce etc:..
5.. Use the dumpling doughs to make pot-pies. Poach and then bake them. Fill with black-eyed peas, brussel sprouts, cabbage etc:.. Flavor these when you eat them with balsomic vinegar.
6.. Use these dough recipes to make hot pockets.
7. Bread doughs and pizza doughs can be rolld out and laticed also. This will rise when baked in different textures and hites. It will have thin and thick areas. It can have different flavored doughs/crusts in this also.
Herbert West 3rd.


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