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7/27/2008 21:32:45
by Herbert

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I have spent $23.47 thus far to run for Sheriff. Herbert West 3rd.

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1. How many falsely, stolen yard signs do the other Candidates claim are stolen? I dont need to steal signs. I am guaranteed November. They want to get sympathy votes. All August is, is a battle to see who will loose to me in November.
2. On my ravioli recipes posted earlier here at www.wen2k.com . There are more dough recipes under a dumpling search at yahoo. I suggest that people can use ravioli's instead of croutons in or on salads.

3. I have spent $8.49 to get a Wal-Mart Visa card. I pay $4.98 a month in service fees for the card. It cost me $6.00 to set up and register my Domain at www.Homestead.com . It now cost me $10.00 a month to run the site. All said and done, I will have spent, less than $85.00 to run for Sheriff. I I print up fliers I am looking at .03 cents per flier. At 2000 copies that is $60.00 more dollars. If it is $1.00 each at 2000=$2000.00, then .10 cents would be $200.00 and .01 would be $20.oo for 2000 at .03 cents each.
2000 fliers are $60.00 average at the UPS Store in Paola. Again, so far I have only spent $8.49, $4.98, $4.00 and $6.00. This is $23.47 in total exspences thus far. I have collected zero in Campaign Contributions.
Herbert West 3rd, www.HerbertWest3rd.com west.herb@yahoo.com


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