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7/27/2008 23:25:23
by paolaknowsme

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Herberts a proven thief and a liar

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Herbert has already been proven a liar about his charges in Missouri. So now he has proven he is a thief too.

He continues to post his website for sheriff on this website. Is he paying for this advertisment. Nope. But he uses it as a free source to campaign. I think I will call the ethics commission about that. As for as all the post Fatass, when you post 400 of those post about your crapy recipes, they don't count.

Hey, you big tub of lard, make us a campaign promise. When you lose in November, you check your big goofy fat belly ass into OSH and tell them you need your head examined.

As for the signs, I didn't see anything that pointed to who was stealing them, but you made yourself look guilty by denying such an act. We have already heard from others that your a pet molester, a peeping tom, a fugitive from justice, GAY!!!, a dumbass and a nut. Your phony ass couldn't even wave to the people who you want to vote for you at the parade. As you drove by, I flipped you off and called out your name, but your scared ass wouldn't even look around. I look forward tomorrow to seeing your big gumby ass make a fool of yourself. I bet your asked to shut up and sit down before its over. That is if you show. You might have a busy night of animal lovin going on.

Vote Herbert West Miami County Nutcase


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