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7/28/2008 20:28:38
by Brad

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Come on......does being shot in the line of duty qualify someone to be sheriff? No it doesn't. I am sorry that Mitzner was shot and I thank him for his service. But you can't tell me that there isn't any cop that wouldn't give their life for someone else. If there is any cop out there that wouldn't do that then they need to turn in their gun and badge. Sorry, Mitzner knew that could happen.
B. Rogers-you say that Mitzner suffers from trauma and long term affects of being shot. Is this going to affect his role as sheriff? Is he going to run out of a situation with a dangerous person because of his trauma? Can he even patrol since he is disabled (or hurt)?
I am truely sorry for the way Mitzner was treated after he was hurt. But it seems to me, that he is running because of a vendetta. I am also aware that he has made comments that he wants to see Kelly out of office. Is that a real good reason to run? He may be saying all the right "political ideas," but I'm not convinced that he is doing it to be a leader.
By the way I have a friend who is a cop. He was in a shooting........but here's the kicker-he doesn't like to talk about it. He also tells me that anyone who has been involved in a shooting doesn't really care to talk about it. So why is Mitzner different? Is it just a political tool? I think so, which is too bad.


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