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11/22/2008 03:32:16
by WeN2K Live!

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Screen I

Playing In Order:
(Updated 12/8/08)


Screen II

Playing In Order:
(Updated 12/9/08)

Lakeview Terrace (2008), Fire and Ice (2008). Between the movies Pink Panther Cartoons

Screen III

Playing In Order:
(Updated 12/9/08)

Live Free Or Die Hard,Meet the Spartans,National Tresure 2,Rambo 2008,Redline,Resident Evil exctintion,Shoot Em Up,Step up 2 the streets,
Street Kings

Screen IV (Horror)

Playing In Order:
(Updated 12/9/08)

shocker,Inside,Lake Placid 2,sweeny tod,Sweeney Todd,Shaun of the Dead,aftermath,The Dead Zone,Alfred Hitchcock Marathon,Broken,Visitor Q,planet terror,Cujo,Monster Squad,The Howling,from dusk till dawn,torso

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