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3/16/2009 23:45:46
by eblogger1

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WeN2K Guidelines - Note to our members (3/16/09)

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Hello WeN2K members, users and viewers alike!

Thank you for utilizing WeN2K for your posting choices and for viewing the large amount of content that has collected on WeN2K and our "Exclusive Posts" service, Fee2See.com. From member and WeN2K Team contributed posts...to our continuously updated video news...to our many product and service affiliated businesses chosen to offer marked value to our members and viewers, we have plenty of entertaining, informative, current and continuously expanding content for a truly unique and well-rounded Internet experience!

Stated on our home page/s:

WeNeed2Know.com and/or its affiliates are not responsible for ANY declarations, information, photos, drawings, documents or film that may be submitted by the world public. ...and are not responsible for ANY posts made by WeN2K, Someone ITK, Fee2See or QuickEHelp members.
..........Largely for Entertainment Purposes. Please...No Explicit or Pornographic Material!

Though it will always be unclear how much freedom one has in a largely free (from censorship and/or exclusion) environment - we at WeN2K try to stay out of our members'/posters' way as much as possible. But one thing must be clear! Neither are we responsible for content posted on this website by random, unregulated users...NOR do we presume to involve ourselves with posted content that does not violate our no porn/no hate content.

We consider pornography to be explicit photos and/or video depicting sexual penetration or explicit rendering of sexual relations. We consider hate content to be an attack against an individual because of his/her race, creed, religion or ethnic background. Further, explicit content such as mutilations or victims of unfortunate accidents, etc. will be prone to deletion. Why? WeN2K does not condone elicit titillation from the suffering or distress of others...as we don't condone the prevalent degradation of everyone (male, female an child) usually associated with pornography. However, foul and/or expressive language is allowed. Most people want to express exactly how they feel and we encourage this. Nudity is allowed. The nude, human body and its parts are not pornographic in and of themselves - just how they are depicted...as a gun is not dangerous until in the hands of an untrained or cruel person.

What CAN you post?

We very much want our members, new and old, to post enriching content that will benefit others. We envisioned the posting of inspiring stories, late-breaking news, original artwork, unique film/video, original music, spoken word, poetry, recipes, plans, drawings, etc. We REALLY want our members to post unique information that may not be available any place else! From secret, suppressed knowledge (passed down in the family or from widely unknown information you may have obtained) to paranormal or unexplainable experiences you can share....THIS is part of the reason WeN2K was started.

Though we did not start WeN2K to breed feuds or negative relations or attacks on anyone....our members may choose to express their opinion and views and we will not interfere. We only hope our members ultimately post unique, enriching content from time to time as well.

Unlike unmonitored, cyber-Tombstone websites like Google and Yahoo (where ANYTHING can be found of ANY hate related, explicit and/or pornographic level for your youngest family members to unfortunately find)...or websites designed primarily to profile you for a marketing strategy/initiative (like most popular social networking sites)...WeN2K is an experiment in motion specifically designed to grow with and for our members and users.

This is why we created the "Lifetime Post" (posts on WeN2K which never come down unless YOU take them down; and with a static, non-changing web address) - hoping this power is used effectively and wisely. This is why we've created Fee2See.com and other services (soon to appear on WeN2K) to allow our members to utilize their posts to create personal wealth.

This opportunity exists NOW!...not some hollow, broken promise to share wealth (ALWAYS generated by members and users) in the future (as made by the most popular websites online). Right now, one can start generating residual income on Fee2See.com for just 99. How many other websites do you know of that offer such power?

Thank you for allowing us to offer you unprecedented Internet power. We hope that you utilize this power for the enrichment of both yourself (either through learning and/or through financial gain) and the many, many others that will see/access your post/s...even 5 or 10 years from now. This is the power of WeN2K! And we're just getting started!



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