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4/30/2009 00:20:54
by hlw3rd

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Why the great delay to call KHOU a liar????????????

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You wait for almost a year to come forward and then you discredit the entire media world over your lying parents????? What are you hiding, idiot???????? MicoCitizen. When I find your coward ass, I break your coward ass!!!!! I contacted KHOU and they are standing behind their original story coverage. All your trying to do is reinstate the lies for "BIKE SEASON"! You suck!!!! I proved your parents lies, PERIOD!!!!!!!!! My cahrity I am setting up will show people the proper way to get involved in a "Not for Profit". I wont skim funds and lie and steal from their generosity. I will always show them my books and show them where the money goes. I wont intimidate them with badges and pig, bull shit. I have alot of friends who are cops and they dont intimindate people and lie to them. Your dad is a bully and a thief. People have the right to read the articles and facilitate their own views. Again, you waited almost a year to call KHOU a liar. You suck!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Exploratory Campaign Candidate for a 2010 Bid for Kansas Governor. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com [email protected]


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