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4/30/2009 11:32:00
by cryslee74

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You're so funny Mr West

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You're so funny Mr. West...I'd have been on here sooner if I had know that your ignorant, illiterate ass was spouting nonsensical bullshit out your pie-hole! I didn't know about the KHOU report, probably because I was in the Intensive Care Unit, you moron. I spent 46 days in the hospital and turned on the tv 3 times total. But then again, maybe on YOUR planet people who are knocked out on pain meds and strapped down to a rotating bed-from-hell can psychically SEE the news...hmmm...how DOES that work?


But I do have to say that I appreciate your providing me with a new source of amusement...trimming my toenails, scrubbing the toilet with a toothbrush and doing microbiological research on the effects of swine flu on humans had all lost their appeal. Speaking of swine flu, how IS that bug coming? Since it was originally transferred from PIGS to humans, maybe YOU are the cause of the epidemic.


Oh, and you have friends who are cops? That's a laugh...first you'd have to prove you have FRIENDS.


But I really hope you have a fantastic day...being the fine, upstanding citizen that you are...or are you just upstanding because of the condition of your clothes? From what I hear they COULD probably stand on their own....


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