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4/30/2009 12:12:15
by hlw3rd

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Discloser????? Your so confident and so upstanding, spill the beans, idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Again, you was here for the chili feed/run last year. You have waited a year to respond to my opinions. You have heard about me and read my opinions since Nov 4th 2008. You have seen the KHOU footage. You said so yourself. So, LOUD MOUTH, you trying to coverup the lie's you Mom and Dad spread? They lied and it was proved through the KHOU footge. What else did they not dis-close? As a Not-For-Profit they are allowed to take 1/3 of what they raise for charities. 33 cents of every dollar, off the top. Then they can declare expence's. The people are not told this. People give donations and 1/3 is taken in the beginning. 33 cents of every dollar. How much actually goes to the person they are raising money for???? $33 of every $100 goes to them. They raise $2000 they keep $333.00 then take out expences. About $1000.00 goes to the person, and thats abou it. As I stated, my "Not-For-Profit" will be a 100% charity. I will declare every penny and show where every penny goes. Again, you waited until, "Bike Season", to try to do damage control for your lying parents. You, "Loud Mouth", are a FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Exploratory Campaign Candidate for Kansas Governor 2010. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com [email protected]


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