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4/30/2009 18:47:09
by Herbie Fully Loaded with Shit

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Herbie how is your case going against MICO EMS?

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But while Im here i figured I would show you all a article I found...

PS I doubt you filed a valid complaint that will go anywhere cuz you probally put them on "REVIEW" BITCH

West files complaint with state

Written by Robin Hixson
Wednesday, 08 April 2009 08:00
Paola resident Herbert West told the Miami County Commission during its April 1 meeting that he intends to file a defamation complaint against Miami County EMS Chief Jason Jenkins.

In January, Jenkins and Kansas Board of EMS Executive Director Robert Waller said they have had a long-standing dispute with West, saying he has made accusations against several individuals.

The issue West addressed during the Wednesday commission meeting concerned what he said was Jenkins’ inaccurate interpretation of his objection to the hiring of a female EMS technician.

“He (Jenkins) states that I felt he was a detriment to society because he hired females instead of males,” West said. “He further states that I felt that females — women — did not belong in EMS. He is a liar. I had voiced concern about how a female was hired after the way she treated me as a patient three years ago. I felt that she was hired because of other factors instead of her capability as an EMS person.”

West also said Jenkins accused him of harassing the Miami County EMS staff.

“He is out of line. I will be filing a defamation complaint on Friday in Topeka,” West said.

On Monday, West said he has filed that complaint with the Kansas Board of EMS in Topeka, and he notified the League of Women Voters and several other organizations.

Later in the meeting, Miami County Administrator Shane Krull said he and other county staff had been dealing with “meritless witch hunts and conspiracy theories” initiated by West for the last three or four years. He said in that time, West’s complaints had involved the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, state fish and wildlife officials, the Miami County Clerk’s Office, and Miami County Emergency Medical Services.

“Miami County is fortunate to have a host of good people — both elected and appointed — who work for us and do a good job,” Krull said. “If mistakes are found, they’re corrected, and they strive to do better in each instance. But to go on and on in the direction that Mr. West is, to me, just a waste of taxpayer resources.”

Krull also defended the EMS chief.

“Jason Jenkins — the three or four years that he’s been with us — has done a remarkable job,” Krull said, going on to provide several examples.

Krull said he has directed EMS personnel not to engage in further contact with West, except in the event of an emergency.

“We’ll respond to him if he needs emergency medical services, and we will provide that to him, as a resident of Miami County, in the manner we would for anyone else.”

However, in reference to the ongoing complaints from West, Krull said he has had more than enough.

“The accusations are meritless and absent of any fact,” he said


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