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5/1/2009 21:24:40
by dktsnana

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Herb have you no shame

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You know I have read your rantings for awhile now and the one thing you have proven time and time again is that you are an idiot! No one could take you serious for any postion, you are way to mentally unstable.
You try to pick fights with good upstanding citizens, such as Mrs Wyers, and I have to ask why? Has that poor woman not been thru enough then to have to find you ranting about her parents & her husband? Herb I bet that you have not ever met her parents or her as far as that goes. Yet you want to point fingers and make all these terrible things up.
My God don't you have any shame at all? Don't you have any part of you that feels badly?
You are a twisted man and you really should seek help. I understand that there are a lot of new drugs that help people with psych problems such as yours.
Mrs Wyers please don't think that this slug represents the people of Kansas because he does not. He is the bottom of the barrel and we don't believe that his rantings are credible at all.
I hope that you continue to make such wonderful progress recovering, I am sure that your husband watches over you as your guardian angel.
Herb West, why don't you take your own advise and hit the road, leave this town like you swore you would do oh so long ago.
The good people of the state of Kansas and the county of Miami would probably throw a party if you were to ever leave! You are a drain on society, sucking the lifeblood out of any state/county that you reside in. You don't work, yet you want to harrass those that do. You want to post all these pipe dreams of what you are going to do. However, by your own admission, you are too disabled to hold down a job. So why don't you keep your pipe dreams to yourself, no one believes in you or believes you.
Herb have you not realized that you are nothing but a joke, no one would call you a friend. You claim you have all these cops for friends, yet you do nothing but bash the local authorities the one's that will care for you when you get into trouble. You want to continually harrass the local EMS and why? Because you cannot work in EMS and probably never have if the truth be known? I still haven't figured out why you won't leave them alone. These are also the people that will come and tote your nasty butt out of your castle when you need them too.
Why is it that you continually want to try and create problems for people? People that you don't even know. You honestly need to find a new hobby because Herb one of these days you really may just hit a nerve in the wrong person and they just might sue you, kick your lame ass. I really doubt that anyone is afraid of you and your years of what ever it is you say you studied in. LOL
So pack it up and take a hike.


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