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5/1/2009 23:55:47
by hlw3rd

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Howdy asshole's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dksana or whoever you are. The EMS sets in Paola adding 5 minutes in responce time to Osawatomie. That is discrimination, and Life Endangerment! People who live in Osawatomie are discriminated against because Paola is special? Bull Shit!!!!!!!! I advise Osawatomie citizens to file suit for not getting equal Ambulance coverage. I showed the truth in KHOU News footage and all your loud ass mounth can do is rant and rave about the bitch!!!!! Osawatomie has the right to file on the Osawatomie City Counsel, the Police Department and the Ambulance service for Life Endangerment, Child Endangerment and Discrimination, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The City Counsel told me they refuse to look into it because I brought it up and they want Brownback to make Governor!!!!!!!! Brownback over Osawatomie lives? Anything else BITCH?????????????????? As to the dumbass calling me and Al homosexuals, we are both straight and friends!!!! Take your loud stupid opinion into Holy Trinity Church in Paola where he has gone for 55 years and tell them your Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As to the threat, No Name, No Threat, but when I find you, I will get away with fuckin you up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be a Jury Trial, of my peers and Als friends!!!!!!!!!!!Herbert West 3rd HerbertIII at twitter.com [email protected]


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