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5/2/2009 01:40:03
by MICO Citizen

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Herbert (Dumb Dumb) the gay blade

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Well dumb dumb a jury of your peers would include who? Ru-paul, perez hilton, boy george or any other fanny bandit. Yeh, I'm not to scared. The only thing your going to fuck is Al. Look Dumb Dumb, how do you think I found out about your relationship with Al. As for going to his church, so what? Like there isn't any closet homosexuals attending a church. Your a fool if you think Osawatomie is going to get you elected governor. You don't have a name in kansas except for the law enforcment agencies you call or are watching you. You have no insight into what is going on in the real world and your stalking of Al's tenants will surely be something that will keep you from getting one vote in Miami county. Oh by the way dick licker, The ambulance barn is just outside of the city limits of Osawatomie since the city rezoned 169 highway. And if I was the city counsel, I wouldn't want to hear from you either. Your a joke. When I'm in town I hear alot of people talking about you. How your mother wants nothing to do with you. Why your daughter will not talk to you. How your a gas huffing fudge packer. So try and find me. Or when your ready answer my questions and I will come to you and Al's love nest.


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