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5/2/2009 09:55:38
by hellsfury

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herbert, my god...you apparently are cycling rapid these days; you try to be all knowledgeable, inventive, creative, etc then in a few breaths you are mean, hateful, rude, stupid, derogatory and demeaning to people-and why??

as i recall, way back when, there was ONE person who was willing to be kind to you and to stick up for you; do you remember who that was??? then, you turned on her...and now you are prolonging your bitterness for whatever perceived slight you received by continuing to TRY to make claims about crystal that are just baseless and stupid. you seem to have captured one phrase from some distant news channel and you're basing your rancor (anger, resentment-just fyi) on THAT??? my god herbert, news media reports and accounts are notoriously inaccurate! surely you know that! when there is a story they rush to get it on-many many times without adequate fact checking. if you believe everything you see on tv news or read on the internet, and IGNORE the actual victims/participants recount of events, then you are even dumber than i thought you are.

you sir are a total mess. you have absolutely no concept of reality and how things really are currently functioning in ANY ambulance department, police department, governmental agency, etc. mostly because you've turned people against you with your stupidity and your inane posting on the internet. do you think people don't know about you? do you think that word of mouth-"hey, you oughta see what this dumbass from paola has written on the 'net"-hasn't spread, and that people read you mostly for entertainment value? and, as a result of reading your drivel, people just think you're about the biggest joke to come along in forEVER? does it matter to you that the bulk of the population think you're one sick m-f'er, and can't help but laugh at you?

the best thing you could do is to just STFU. if you don't know what that means, look it up on some internet slang translator. honestly. you'd be so much better off if you DID STFU. quit typing all your rants&raves&bullshit. attend to whatever bizarre project or recipe you happen to be trying to develop. leave good people the hell alone. make some friends-as it stands now, you're lonely, isolated, and sad. don't try to tell me you're not. but how do you think you got this way? because of your stupid mouth blowing off all the damn time. walk away from the computer and don't look back, unless it is to read a newspaper or something; you'd probably be so much happier if you did. you want to be happy, do you not? that's part of the human condition. but, you have GOT to stop being so inflammatory, so mean, so hateful to good people whom you have really no relationship or knowledge of truth/facts of! it is a turn off, herb. plain&simple.

you are dead wrong on so many things. just admit it, swallow that truth, and move the F on. there's no shame in being wrong-but there IS shame in continually harping on what you THINK is truth and making an ass out of yourself over, and over, and over again.


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