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5/2/2009 21:12:04
by dktsnana

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Herb you are rambling and not making any sense. Shana? You know I don't think you have any idea who anyone is on this board. You think every other person is an Ober or a Hunt. I think you are have a real thing for these people and if I were them I would be very concerned.
People that tell the truth, you call liars. Herb I read the Osawatomie Graphic, the article on Mrs. Wyers, if you would have read the article you would see that you really don't know what you are talking about.
But instead you would rather try to grab at people that have emotional ties to things you rant about. I think that you just like trying to make people miserable, I am not sure why but that is what I believe.
Okay and why do I support Miami Co EMS because I have family that works there? Well wrong again, imagine that. I support them because they do a public service for the community, they are there when people need them.
Support the Ober's well I haven't seen either of them running for anything for me to support them. Do I feel they have been put thru the ringer? Yes I do they have had a bad year and are recovering. Maybe you should consider working on your own recovery.
I blindly support titles? Hmmm not sure where you are going there or even how to respond to that one.
You know Herb the long and short of it is you are wrong and you cannot admit it or deal with it. Yes people voted for you, all I can say is they must have been staunch Democrats that would vote their ticket regardless of who was in there or people that just didn't like the incumbant.
I don't need to keep tabs on the people that I help, I know and it's not a contest.
I need to leave? I don't believe there has been one person on this forum that has asked anyone to leave but you Herb. Maybe you should consider that. Everyone says the same thing at some point don't you think that standing out there on your own screaming at the top of your lungs is futile?
You should take the hint, get some help and go


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