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5/3/2009 00:42:02
by Mike Snatchee

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Real Name ?

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Welll, if folks on here were to use their real names, mentally challenged folks like you West would use that inofrmation to stalk us.

Consider the use of a fictitious name on here as a lets say, a Stage name. We use a "stage Name" because for several folks on here, this is just one big entertainment venue starring Herbert West as the bumblimg phycho babbler. Get a clue West, your ramblings are nothing more, in my opinion, then entertainment. Your realm of reality lies somewhere between earth and mars. I myself only review and post here to get my jollies per say. Anyone with any intelligence, you excluded of course, has no intention of taking what you say with any MERIT, and you use your real name!

Come on, several folks only post on here aimed at you to get a LAUGH at your rambling response. YOU ARE AN ENTERTAINMENT SOURCE West... Hey West, ooo look at the pretty colors....Oh yeah, I myself post to you just to get ENTERTAINMENT value out of your response.


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