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5/3/2009 21:30:30
by dktsnana

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You need my name to make me credible?

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I just don't see that happening. I have seen what you do to people when you actually have a name. The Ober's, Leslie wasn't using a stage name and look what you did to her? The Sheriff, he never posted and you slammed him every chance you get.
Herb if you think for one second I would tell you who I am you are a bigger loon then I already know that you are!
It's funny though, anytime someone throws something out there that you can't talk your way out of then you find a way to try and turn it around. I would bet that IF I told you my name the only thing that would accomplish is you slamming me and making up lies about me.
You would publish my name all over this site and God knows where else. You would attempt to make my life a living hell.
Well sorry but I am sure not going to willingly put myself in that position.
I have made my point, I have shut you up because what I say is the truth.


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