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6/7/2009 17:46:31
by hlw3rd

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Clarification, asshole!!!!!!!!!

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Do a yahoo search using "Mike Hunt". It comes up, dumbass. As to the photo, the girl still looks like Kara. See the pic's, again, here. That is my point. Why are you trying to cover for Danny???????? All your trying to do is falsify that I am re-posting. I am only clarifying what I posted and trying to keep it in the TOP25 so others can read it and help Kara's mom and Kara. Herb West 3rd. HerbertIII at twitter.com [email protected] If wen2k.com doesn't see it that way I will tell Mrs. Beckford and she can explain it to them for obstructing in the attempt to locate her missing daughter.


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