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6/9/2009 11:12:28
by hlw3rd

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I had always stated my DNA was on file. I also stated it shows my DNA is not involved in any case. Every DNA on file is screened like a mug shot on every case current, old and future. I have nothing to hide. I gave the Detectives information on that case as a private individual and then volunteered my DNA per policy. Only people who have things to hide would refuse their DNA or be concernes with the results. On the Hillsdale incident, he was lied to and I filed a suit on the State. Both sides, myself and the State dropped each charge, equally. That is a sealed document. You just involved the FBI for having allegid access to a sealed record. I get involved because lazy Cops don't. I get involved because their families deserve the truth. I get involved because I care. I get involved in alot of cases. Typically, Cops look the otherway and fuckups like you bury evidence and threaten people who come forward and try to help. Herbert West 3rd. HerbertIII at twitter.com


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