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7/9/2009 23:40:59
by Adolphus

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Weekly UFO Sighting Reports - 07-02-09

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Arizona - 06-18-09 - I was waiting for my son at 25th Avenue and Peoria, across from Rose Mofford Park. I opened the sun roof and noticed a small dot moving across the sky, then another and finally a third. I got out of the car and watched these lights for the next 20 minutes.

They appeared to be very high up. When the lights banked or turned, it was very sharp, acceleration and hovering were not something that you would see from a airplane or helicopter, and there were no beacons or flashing lights.

I am an avowed skeptic, but I have always wanted to see something like this. Ultimately we just lost track of the lights. I was with a classmate of mine named Troy, and he saw them too, when my son came out, he saw them as well so it was nice to have witnesses. None of us could tell for sure what we were seeing. source: www.mufon.com

South Carolina - 06-17-09 - We were walking on the dark beach, and witnessed flashing objects over the Atlantic Ocean that looked like fireflies at first, but they were at a high altitude and high speed. It was intermittent flashing unlike aircraft lights.

They flew in a square formation, then random. They were flying in a fairly straight trajectory northeast. The objects first looked like fireballs, but then they disappeared, and then reappeared. This repeated several times. It wasn't like anything we had ever seen before.

There was no way that we saw aircraft. We watched for about an hour before they clouds totally blocked our view. source: www.mufon.com

Texas - 06-19-09 - I was driving down the highway at 2:25 AM, on June 19, 2009. I was traveling west. It was a clear, dry, hot night. There were stars in the sky. I was watching the road in front of me when out of nowhere, low in the sky, appeared a bright green, glowing ball which shot in a straight line at about a 60 degree angle down to the ground.

It had a slight haze around it, and had a very faint, short tail. The light appeared in the southwest sky. It was only visible for about two seconds. It was much larger than any shooting star I've ever seen. It looked like someone shot a flare gun from the sky to the earth. It was the color of a green traffic light.

I immediately thought it was a UFO because it traveled so fast and in straight line. I was amazed at the size and intensity of the object. If it was a meteor it would have wiped out a city.

I lost sight of it at the horizon line. It looked liked it would have made contact with the ground. source: www.mufon.com

Brazil - 06-19-09 - I was looking at a plane in the sky, and then I noticed a something a little higher up above the plane. It was a small object, which looked like it was metallic, like a ball bearing.

At first, it seemed to be in one place, but then it began to move. I didn't have a clue what it was, yet it was clearly visible to me. It seemed to move, and then stay still for a time. Then, it moved again.

Finally, it just took off quickly, and was gone from sight. I tried to find it again, but could not. source: www.mufon.com


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