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7/12/2009 17:36:21
by Adolphus

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Weekly UFO Sighting Reports - 07-09-09

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North Carolina - 06-23-09 - In the country fields of Johnston county, we were looking at the stars and talking about UFOs and the possibilities of life, while we were both facing the south and looking directly at the Big Dipper.

If you were to point towards the Dipper and then draw your hand down 45 degrees facing south, this is the point of the sky we were observing. After a few minutes, a bright light appeared with no origin - meaning you did not see it move from left to right as in the path of direction in flight, but direct center of where we both were looking.

It flashed brightly, then would vanish for a few seconds, then it would appear again, but distance farther again not going right or left but towards space. I asked my friend if he saw it, and as soon as the flash would appear we would alternate confirming the object.

It was not a dual flash like most planes, and it was inconsistent in length of delay between appearing and vanishing. We wanted to believe it was a plane because it seemed corny and wishful seeing that the object would just appear after talking about it, but after the sighting, we both discussed the possibilities to justify the flashes.

It was a standstill and we had to accept what we were seeing. Again - the fact this object seemed within the atmosphere of earth as to its brightness and closeness compared to the other stars, and to show up without any origin has us mystified. source: www.mufon.com

North Carolina - 06-23-09 - While walking my dog on a clear night, I saw two star-like objects, at what appeared to be a great distance away (perhaps in orbit). They were traveling at a constant, very fast speed from North to South in unison, as if they were synchronized.

From my point of view, the two objects stayed a hand-width apart while following each other, then the first object continued its quick pace South, but the second blew my mind. It slowed down and grew with brightness in size 4 to 5 times its original size.

It seemed like it was pointing a light right at me for about 1-2 seconds. Long enough to wonder if it was coming my way. Then its brightness shrank back to original size, and the second traveled East and upward into space till it became so small I lost sight.

The first continued on past my sight from North to South. Neither object showed flashing lights. I suppose the first could have been some fast man-made jet, but the second was freaky. I'm in my 40's, live on a farm, have seen jets, shooting stars, and I walk every night. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff... never saw anything like this. source: www.mufon.com

Ohio - April, 2009 - Witness observed an oval-shaped light just above the trees outside of her and her mother's house. She watched it for a few seconds, and then yelled for her mother to come out and have a look.

As soon as her mother got a look at the light, it vanished from sight. Witness has also had other sightings:

She had a sighting with her son about 1998. They observed a bright light over a mobile home about a telephone pole long. It took off to the south at a high speed.

The witness also observed a triangular craft just above the trees at her house. This sighting happened around 2008, 6 months prior to the current sighting. It had white lights on each corner and a red light in the middle. source: www.mufon.com

Ohio - 06-21-09 - I was sitting on my back patio watching the 10 PM news when I saw a red, round object in the sky which was glowing. I wondered what it was, but did not get up to look closer (I was in my screened in patio). A few minutes later 2 more of the same objects flew overhead.

I then called my husband who had gone to bed, to come out and verify that I indeed was not seeing things. He also witnessed the objects flying over our house from East to Southwest. He had never seen anything like this either. It was not a helicopter, as there was no sound at all. We live close to Hopkins Airport and are used to hearing and seeing airplanes, but this made no noise at all.

I called the Brook Park police department (they probably think I am crazy), and asked them to go out and look. The dispatcher said "Well, even if we see it, I'm not sure what we can do."

I suggested that maybe we should call NASA Glenn Research Center and report it, but she didn't seem to believe me. She said she would make a note of my call. Both my husband and I watched it until it disappeared from sight.

I can't believe that no one else in the area saw this but my husband and I. source: www.mufon.com


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