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9/1/2009 02:55:57
by LadyMadonnah

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Get Promotional Art Services from Ave Hurley ~!

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I work online continually and have been doing Art Promotionals and Advertising, for over 3 years selling my own artworks online.

When I was approached for promotional services, the cheapest promoter I found online was $395 for just an annual ad listing and some tag words and then Dunne & Bradstreet has a promo pack for $895 a year for little more in actual tangible services.

When I talked with their sales rep and he asked what I am doing in the ways of promoting my art online, he was astounded and told me that I should be working for them!!

He said that I actually do more in art promotions than they do~!!

So I decided that since I do it for myself and have succeeded in self promotion and now with all that I learned, I am willing to do it now for other artists,who need help in getting better known online.

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I have been helping other artists on the road to notoriety and success by personally promoting and creating advertisements online for them as well as tagging them , blogging them and entering them into cross promotions successfully.

The promotions I do are listed in many major online venues including, Squidoo, Twitter,Facebook,Live,StumbleUpon,MySpace,Deli-c-ious, Netlog,Eblogger,Wordpress, Search Engine submission, We2NK , Local.com,Craigslist and more.

I help with editing, tagging and introducing your art online with my personal endorsement, as I have a good online reputation with 100% positive online customer satisfaction.
See what others say about me~

To receive my services Just click this Link : Check it out & Join Here

I am an artist first and built my site customized for art promotions and sales & have free resources and tools for any artists to self promote their work, but for those who need help in promotions or need an editor, it normally costs $895 a year from places like Dunn & Bradstreet [ to which I am also a registered member} to receive similar services

I can provide my services to you for only $5 to start for the first month & only $7.50 per month there after for as long as you want ~ Even when my service prices go up in the future, you will continue to receive services at this agreed price~!!
No catchs, no crazy contracts and doubletalk~ Fully refundable if not satisfied ~!

I am just an artist like you but am helping other artists online to get ahead~!
There is so much talent out there and so many artists deserve more recognition and exposure online but simply do not know how or who to trust online and many like I was dont know where to get started.

I have done my research and homework on this and now am prepared and able to help promote any artist who needs help, but since it is very time consuming - at least 10 hours a month, to do YOUR personalized service and all I am asking is this very nominal amount, to simply help offset some of my internet time and costs.

I just happen to know alot more about online marketing than most artists and have more computer skills focused on art promotions than most artists you may know. I have now been helping many other artists to be able to get established online and I can personally help you, even with tech support and am an email away, as well as phone call 602-539-4053 , when you need to talk about your online art needs~!

Subscribing to my services is making me your promotional agent [in a limited capacity according to your permission] to act on your behalf, to help promote your art and to get you known online and to direct traffic to your art on any sites you belong to, for as long as you want ~!
I will even make permalink adsites for you in search engines that will be easily found in major search engines to remain, even if you cancel my services at any time you want to.

Thankyou and best of success to you in selling your art online~!

:) Ave Hurley
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