12/31/2009 19:56:26
by lora1725

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Action Powersports is run by a guy named Carl Wells....horrible guy with no customer service when he's the owner. We have a 2008 Polaris Razor we bought from them cash. We have bought four wheelers from them before $60,000.00 worth. In April of 09' the Razor had some problems. We took it to Action. They had Polaris come out and look at it, it wasn't under warranty. So we decided to buy a big bore kit from Trinity Racing and action agreed to the labor and some parts, including a new crank. By the end of July all we had heard form them was that they were waiting on parts. So we decided to drive to Action to see what was going on. The Razor had been sitting out in the weather for 4 months uncovered. The sound system we had put in...ruined...parts...rusted....leathern worn out....snorkle kit....ruined. Carl said he would makeit all right. September 25th they finally said it was done. Mind you they had this 6 months. We paid them....thousands up front. On the 25th we took it off the trailer and went 1.5 miles....oil leaking everywhere. So we took it back. First week of nevember it's done. Get it home and off the trailer went .5 miles and it was smoking. The crank shaft was melted. Shavings in the engine. Complete mess. So we took it back. Christmas eve night Carl- the owner- called and said "he wasnt going to work on it anymore and we couldnt have it back have a Merry Christmas". So now we have decided to go ahead with a lawsuit. He got paid and gave us a warranty that said 20 hours or 100 hours on parts and labor. The warranty never wentinto effect because we never got the machine back. This guy has done this to other customer, our friends who we sent business up there for. Carl has a bad wrap as having shottybusiness practices. He doesnt car about his customers or the machines he sells. Youwould think someone who has spent as much as us would have been treated a little better. It's not about the money, it's about the principal of it. No matter whathappens now the machine will never run right and Polaris doesnt make engines he could replace the one he messed up with. Solution.....whole new machine on their dime.


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