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1/17/2010 13:04:31
by WeN2K Charities

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WeNeed2Give Haiti Earthquake Fund
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WeN2G Haiti Earthquake Fund
We Need To Give...Just 99!


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Thank You...for your one-time 99-cent donation to help Haitian earthquake victims!
(You can make as many individual 99-cent donations as you like!)

The WeNeed2Give Haiti Earthquake Fund has been created by WeN2K and
will stay up indefinitely to collect donations that will be given to Haiti earthquake-focused causes!
For every 99-cent donation made, WeN2K will donate 6 cents* to the WeN2G Haiti Earthquake Fund.
After required processing by our payment processor...a total donation amount of 66 per 99-cent donation
will be made...
...An extraordinary contribution towards the cause!
None of the money collected by/for the WeNeed2Give (WeN2G) Haiti Earthquake Fund will go towards anything but HAITI EARTHQUAKE RELATED CAUSES.
WeN2K (parent of WeNeed2Give.com and Fee2See.com) does not represent ANY corporate interest, donation-collecting agencies or outside organization/s.
*Donations are made through Fee2See.com: a WeN2K service that allows residual income generating "Exclusive Posts" of many types.
Exclusive posts cost 99 to create and can be viewed by others when they pay 99...
...creating a 50 residual for the original poster for every paid viewing.

There is a processing fee that accompanies each payment/transaction. WeN2K absorbs all of these fees. Regular Fee2See post views incur a 49-cent processing fee (33 by credit card processor and 16 by WeN2K). Charitable posts can also be created for 99. Charitable post views for Fee2See, charitable posts created by/originating from outside individuals (Fee2See members) or organizations incur a 39-cent processing fee
(33 by credit card processor and 6 by WeN2K). WeN2K created charities receive all processing fees normally charged by WeN2K for each purchased viewing (6 for each 99 donation/ transaction). ALL of this comes from/within your 99 payment. No more than 99 is charged to your PayPal/credit card account.
Posts for the benefit of ANY given charitable cause are allowed...and earned funds are paid directly to the verified cause. If a post requesting and receiving donations is proven to be bogus (NOT representing originally represented cause)...any donated funds will be given/disbursed among verified, WeN2G charities.


(By Viewing The Post You Donate 99!)
Donation update totals will be posted periodically at wen2k.com.

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