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5/4/2010 16:55:22
by LadyMadonnah

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JOIN My Space for ART~ at ART Rave~! The FIRST PLACE & ARTIST SHOULD JOIN~Family Friendly Landscapes, Seascapes, Abstracts,Originals, Prints & More~!

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While many Ning Art Sites are closing down soon, 'Ave Hurley Illustrations ~ Featured Artists Networks' has upgraded and become : " www.ArtRave.com" and is welcoming new members to the site, using their current ning id's to join up.

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I am NOT charging membership dues despite the recent Ning upheavals.
I will stay with the Premium Ning services as long as they are available, but will obtain other host providers when needed to ensure the continuation of this network~!
I want to still provide a free place for artists to come and show their art IF they are serious about wanting to sell their art online.

Upgraded memberships & services are also available but not required to be a member.

Free Members can participate in all categories & sell their art commission free~!

Sales help is available along with services for fee but the free tutorials in the Forums can help any artist to be able to better promote, show & sell their art online.

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I have been working to make my site into a network that promotes, advertises & sells art.

It is a very time consuming job, that I do without any salary to help other artists.

I have developed an Artists Directory & system to give artists their own online ID numbers that can be used anywhere on the internet & help them to become better known online by association with my network & promotions.

Having put literally 1000's of hours into research & development, my site has now crossed the boundaries from just another ning art site into an e-commerce, art hub to meet the needs of artists online.

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All the work related to the site is manually done, so that limits the amount of time I can devote to each member. I have been working on Tutorials and post them into the Forums along with information to help promote & sell art online.

Seeking free or inexpensive ways to advertise, I share my information freely with all.

The main thing about getting known online and getting your art into search engines to where buyers can find them is all in the way you edit them. I have developed a way to show you how to properly edit your work so that it will appear in search engines all over and in many search engine categories, building ranking so the public can see your works. You simply have to do your own editing once I show you how & soon will reap the rewards of your efforts.

Those who have followed my methods are selling their art and making money. Those who just post pics without editing are not selling. You can see why it is important to edit correctly & how easy it is to do, once you get into the habit of it.

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Since editing 1 by 1 is tedious & time consuming, all FREE members must see the Forums & how to edit their work before submitting for approval. If YOU need help in editing, it is available, as well as Editing Services are available for a fee through Kyle our site editor. He is available 3 days a week & does editing on a first come first served basis when paid through our Paypal Edit page.

There are over 140 organized groups :






Banners & Banner Ads

Advertising Groups

Top 100's

Since I am now paying for the site and the bandwidth used so while I do need more paid members to help offset the costs and to cover services, I am diligently providing a FREE way for all artists to be able to be members and have 1 gallery page each which can hold up to 20 pictures.

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For those wishing to post more pictures or store more pictures I have just developed a new Standard Plan that will allow a member to have 3 Gallery pages and up to 60 pictures posted for only $3 a month subscribed, with also added discounts on prepaid months. That will be available very soon.

So if you are wondering where to go after Ning sites close many of the free art sites, you are welcome to join us at : ARTRAVE ~!


Ave Hurley



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