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12/8/2011 22:38:29
by MICO Citizen

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Just stop trying ADOLF

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Come on Adolf Dumb Dumb, how many packets do you need. You admited you already had a packet from them. Why should they keep sending you one everytime you decide to reenter a race. You dropped out in February then you dropped out in September and I'm sure you will drop out two or three more times before the election. You have no chance at winning and now you even have the ethics commission pissed off at you. How do you think you are the true sheriff of Miami County. Molester Kelly won and now get over it. You can't prove any of your accusations. If you were to prove just ONE!! thing you cry about on her (Without Guessing or making Assumptions) you might have a chance. But all you do is accuse someone of corruption when they don't tell you what you want to hear. I know for a fact that you will say you lost the election because you didn't get some packet. I can take bets on that. In fact I will start now. I will lay the odds out a 3 to 1 you lose and you say it was because you didn't receive paperwork. And I'm sure you will complain that I'm betting illegally in Kansas. And I'm sure you will chase you nieghbors goat around tonight. Come on man! havn't you did enough to that poor thing already. Well Adolf, watch out for the black helicopters and keep that tin foil hat on real tight. We now have you "ON REVIEW"


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