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10/31/2005 20:09:02
by eblogger1

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Expose A Bad Business...Expose It Online!

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Not long after the conception of this site name we started to think..."just how many bad businesses are out there?" How long will/could it take for them to be exposed on WeNeed2Know.Com? Once "they" are all exposed - will there even be a need for ExposeABadBusiness.Com?

Most of us like the idea of a utopia as much as the next person, but we all know that one just doesn't exist...certainly not within most of our bustling cities, states and countries. This realization suggests that there may ALWAYS be a bad business here, a horrible business there or a bad product (see Tellifitworks.Com) Well...this forum will allow us to share our experiences with these "Bad" businesses. Sometimes we have to just deal with it...take it...because the world IS getting smaller...as a "brand" that we, many times, have no choice but to do and conduct business with from time to time. We may read any given "Bad" experience submitted/reported on WeN2K.Com - but/and still feel that we can/would still frequent the so-called "Bad" establishment or purchase its products

In other words..."Expose A Bad Business.Com" is like a report card. If your kid comes home with a couple of Cs and a B...there may be cause for alarm, but not the end of the world! If every other semester he/she comes home with Ds and Fs...then we have a big problem! WeN2K.Com allows us to "Report Bad Business" as, when and how we see it...as well as to Report Good Business!

Let's start giving even more kudos to the businesses that are WORTHY of being within a utopia. Let's "Report Good Business"...so that when you are in Cleveland one night and want to know where to find some good local eats...you can can do a search on WeN2K.Com...and not only see local eateries that have listed themselves here...selling EXACTLY what you may be looking for...but you can/will also see honest, candid, no-nonsense submissions rating local restaurants and/or businesses you may not want...or want NOT to visit. See if any landscapers or craftsmen in your area have been given a green thumbs up recommendation because of their impeccable craftsmanship and professional practices..or that have proudly listed their services or products!.

"Expose A Bad Business", "Expose A Good Business"...well which is it?

We feel that users will definitely know when the time an situation calls for the appropriate report/listing!. The fact is that WeNeed2Know.Com allows us the power to not only share our content or contempt...but it will also allow us to help each other...not by destroying any given businesses or groups, but by holding them to the fire so that they do the right thing by their valuable customers...or by spotlighting their exemplary products and/or services so they can thrive and shine even brighter...and continue to serve their communities.

"Expose A Bad Business"..."Report A Bad Business"..."Expose A Good Business"..."Report A Good Business"! Just please..."Show Something Real" and "Tell Something True"! We ALL are thankful...and will continue to appreciate
The Real Account!

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